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This year I’ll practice saying “I do.”  I’ve gotten pretty good at saying no, and I’m realizing that some of those “I don’ts” are based on fear when I get down to the bottom of them.  They are based on fear of failure.

In addition to actually saying “I do” in October 2012 to my sweet man (who knows how to push me when I’m saying “I don’t” even when I stubbornly push back), I’ll say “I do” to trusting myself this year.  I’ll say “I do” to opportunities.  I’ll say “I do” to being well.  I’ll say “I do” to myself.  I’ll say “I do” to my family.  I’ll say “I do” to my love.  I’ll say “I do” to love.  I’ll say “I do” to gratitude.

Happy 2012 friends!  Ooo-Shoo-Be-Do-Be!!!  :)

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These are my mom’s feet at work today.  Hilarious.  This is not the first time she’s worn two different shoes to work.  It’s still hilarious.

Walking with a friend tonight, we both looked up and noticed the beautiful evening at just about the same time, 20 minutes into our walk.  I exhaled and realized that I’ve allowed anxiety to creep into my life over the last month.  It’s been snow balling, causing exhaustion, stress, loss of confidence, and just a generally decreased quality of life.

I consciously decided that today I was not going to allow anxiety to drop by, and it worked.  I’m reminding myself that I am fortunate enough to have the ability to choose what my day looks like and how I feel.   I also noticed that I did things more slowly, more intentionally.  Today I put my shoes on one at a time.  Just like my mom.  :)

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Tomatoes dripping from their vines.

Warmish, cold swimming holes and trails canopied by rhododendron.

Neighbors on their porches and dogs chasing beetles.

The smell of fresh grass.

Warm wind and cold beer.

Yoga and Sweet Walks.


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At the close of 2009, I reflected on the past decade, remembering where I had been, who I loved, who I lost, who I had become. I believe in reflection.  I’m also working to be a bit less serious, a little less contemplative.  I’m no philosopher, but man I can think something into my dreams.

Moving into 2011, rather than look back on 2010 (which was no shabby year, mind you!), I’m looking forward, welcoming more beauty, more love, more trust, (ok, I’ll take some challenges in there, just to have something to compare to)…more experiences that get me excited, more risks, more dang honest fun really!  Reason being: 1. fun is fun and 2. fun brings joy and joy spreads like wildfire!

And so, my phrase for the year is: “A little less thinking; a lot more fun.”

So, I welcome you fun weekend adventures, odd little experiences turned “best day ever,” random encounters that lead to dance party extravaganzas, snowboarding, trips to Costa Rica (already in the works), really early morning excursions, unexpected opportunities, personal growth masked as music-filled yoga classes, love spread widely and fully through excitement and fun!

Come on in more excitement and fun!  Welcome to my life!  See you in 2011!

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I sometimes have to force myself to make a list of everything I’m grateful for, but right now, and over the last week or so, I’ve been so fortunate to find myself in a balanced space.  And, in that space, I spend a lot of time counting my gratitudes.  And, I’m most grateful for those people, places, lyrics, books and experiences that can bring me to that place of balance and overt gratitude.

In addition to my family and friends, I am thankful for the communities that lie within Asheville; the brilliance and generousity of those who live here; the strange beautiful nooks and places, the different ways of viewing the world.  I appreciate they way the Earth Fare staff takes time to talk with me about what I’m eating. I appreciate being able to buy holiday gifts from local artists or to take any number of classes to help me make my own. When I walk at Carrier Park every morning, I think about the people at the city who designed and pushed to make that place happen.  I like that Clingman Cafe is like a living room to so many.  I can literally buy all local produce, meats (if I ate them), cheese, milk, bread, fish, tempeh, beer, and even kombucha.  Music!

Any day of the week, I can take a yoga class (for free even) that can reset my body and spirit.  We have some of the best instructors of so many things living with us in this region.  Seriously, some of the best in the world live here, and offer their skills.  I’m grateful to be able to continue learning here.  I’m thankful to be able to use my skills and experience to work in this community, and to collaborate with so many amazing (seriously awesome) folks.  We are a community of seekers, which enables us, as a whole, to grow and thrive if we choose.

I can see the mountains from my backyard y’all.  I’m truly, truly grateful to be able to live here.  This is one special place, but I don’t need to tell you that.  Thank you for all you bring to our communities.

Oh, and also I’m thankful for sweet, sweet delicious sweetened condensed milk–such a technical name for something so delightful!

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Max Patch, October 2010

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I spent last weekend with my grandparents in Pittsburgh.  I come from a big Italian family.  We made homemade pasta in my Grandma’s kitchen and then invited the family over for dinner.  Last minute invites seem to still have 100% results when you mention that you’re having homemade pasta.

It takes a bit of time to make pasta, but it’s not at all difficult.  I cherish that time in the kitchen with my Gram, Mom and Great Aunt.  Here’s what we did:

3/4 cup flour for every egg, mix by hand in bowl and then onto floured table top (yes, this is it, two ingredients)

*dough should have moist consistency, but not be sticky–it’s all about the feel

*put bowl upside down on top of the dough and let it sit for an hour

*sit at kitchen table and talk and drink coffee

*return to dough and dust with flour

*cut 1″ pieces of dough, flour each side of cut pieces

Set pasta machine roller on level 3 and roll each cut piece of dough through 2x, set rolled dough on floured table top

Repeat at level 2 and beyond until pasta is desired thickness.  At this point, the noodles will look like lasagna noodles.

Once at desired thickness, let pasta dry on floured table until it seems like it won’t stick to the noodle cutter.  (this time varies depending on humidity and temperature)

Put each noodle through the desired cutter (thin or thick) and then set pasta on table to dry until dinner, or freeze in zip locks.

Drink wine, discuss politics and change the subject when it gets heated, bring up old memories, enjoy!

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I find god in artists that can bring me from laughing to shivering to to clapping to crying to understanding.

Thank you Josh Bennett for this genius.

Thank you to spoken word poet, social justice advocate and all around amazing being, Graham Hackett, for sharing this poem.

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I come from a large, close Italian family on one side and a large, scattered bunch of everythings on the other.  Moving to Asheville years ago put me just far enough away.  Now, it seems time is passing and family members are getting older.  I’m taking the next couple of weeks to be with my family through one passing and support my other family through health struggles.  I now find myself thinking about how I will pull closer to my family for these times marking times passage.

We’ll be together on a house at the lake in the photo above, great place to offer reverence and reflect on life and time.  Pardon my lack of posts over the next couple of weeks.  I’m taking a time out.

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